29 de abril de 2011

Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt & Stevie Wishart - The Compass, Log and Lead

The Compass, Log and Lead (2006), es un festín de improvisación y una escucha recomendada para todos aquellos que gusten de esa música explorativa. Los nombres de los integrantes dan garantía de una buena experiencia musical.
Aquí las palabras de Frith sobre el trabajo:

The music on this record is improvised. 
What we bring to each performance is who we are and all that we have learned so far. 
None of us is involved exclusively with improvisation. 
We each have experience playing composed music our own and other peoples’ – 
and we’re involved in a wide range of other musical activities. 
We write songs, use electronics, work in recording 
studios, collaborate with artists from other disciplines, compose scores, 
and much else besides. For us, improvising is the sum 
of our personal musical histories intertwined, a place 
where we can meet on equal terms and discover things we never knew, 
or hear what we thought we knew in a new light.
It’s a conversation, an exchange. There are no rules, 
other than to listen well and act accordingly.

Aquí la alineación:
Fred Frith: acoustic guitar, lowry organ, violin 
Carla Kihlstedt: violin, nyckelharpa
Stevie Wishart: hurdy-gurdy, electronics, violin  

Así que a transportarse a este festín de cuerdas e improvisación.

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